NRA Pistol & Concealed Weapons


This course is for people already comfortable with handgun use.  This course is NOT intended for new shooters.  This course is designed to meet the requirements to apply for a concealed weapons permit in Florida.  The classroom portion of the course is conducted at your home or a location of your choosing.  The range portion of the class is conducted at Second Amendment Outfitters in Yulee unless you have different location or preference.

This course consists of a brief review of Florida Statutes and gun safety.  You will receive a copy of the Florida Statutes related to concealed weapons and self defense.  There is a brief discussion of  the concerns involved with carrying a concealed weapon.  Several different types of pistols and holsters for various concealed methods will be available to try on.  There is a short handgun safety test.  You will demonstrate proficiency with a handgun in a live fire exercise during which you must safely handle, load, discharge, and unload a handgun.

You may use your own pistol and ammunition or you may use our pistol (Ruger 22/45 LITE 22LR target pistol).  A pistol/ammo fee of $5 per person is included in the price and is waived if you bring your own pistol and ammo.  A range fee of $10 per person is included and is waived if you have access to a safe, legal place (i.e. hunting club) to conduct the live fire portion of the class.

There is a minimum class charge of $300 for a group of 1 to 4 people.  Groups larger than 4 people are priced per person

Up to 4 people: $300     5-7  people: $65 pp    8-10 people: $60 pp    11+ people: $55 pp

Carry Concealed Weapons Class (2-4 hrs)

This is NOT an NRA Course

This course is conducted in two phases. Phase I is online through the NRA Learning Management System (LMS).  This course is currently $60 through the NRA and can be accessed here:

You will attend Phase II after completing the online phase.  Phase II is the instructor-led training portion of the course which takes 4-6 hours.  During Phase II your comprehension and application of what you learned in the online course is verified and you will shoot a final qualification.  Please contact me after completing the online portion but before enrolling online for Phase II.

Phase I covers:

  1.   Gun safety rules

  2.   Pistol types & ammunition

  3.   Shooting fundamentals, positions, and common shooting errors

  4.   Gun cleaning and maintenance

  5.   Skill maintenance

  6.   You will also receive digital copies of lesson materials

Phase II covers:

  1.   Firearm and range safety review

  2.   Fundamentals of shooting review

  3.   Pistol handling and cleaning

  4.   Shooting positions

  5.   Shooting qualifications

The NRA certificate you get for completing this course (both phases) can be used to obtain a concealed carry permit in Florida.  However, this course does not include the information given in the CCW course.  The CCW course can be completed in conjunction with this course for an additional $25 per person and adds about an hour to the Phase II course length.

A range fee of $10 per person is included and is waived if you have access to a safe, legal place (i.e. hunting club) to conduct the live fire portion of the class.

There is a minimum class charge of $300 for 1 to 3 people.  Groups larger than 3 people are priced per person.

Up to 3 people: $300   4+ people: $80 pp

NRA Basic Pistol Course

We offer individual and small group private pistol instruction.  We are committed to giving you the individual attention needed to make your shooting experience both memorable and meaningful.   The times listed are guidelines for planning.  We will spend as much time as needed for you to feel comfortable.

Most classes can be broken into two sessions - one day in a class, one day by appointment times at the range if you desire.  This way you can receive individual attention and instruction during the shooting portion of the class and other students aren’t waiting around for their turn.